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hf designs is your one-stop shop for creative outsourcing. We are here to turn your design ideas, visions, and dreams into a reality. Our goal is to take your brand to the next level through innovative design techniques that are user-driven and marketing-focused. The hf designs process puts strategy first in order to enhance your digital presence. 

With services ranging from intuitive user experience to graphic design to social media marketing, we combine the elements of branded design to create a personalized and engaging experience for your consumers. 

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hf designs was started in 2015 by Hayley Fogleman, our lead designer and project manager, as a side-gig freelance design business. Since then, we have grown to become much more. We have taken on clients from all over the country and worked with developers from all over the world. We’ve built countless websites, designed apps and software, and brought life to many local and international brands. We are constantly collaborating with creatives from all over to ensure that our clients receive the full extent of their design dreams.

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Our biggest focus is on the combination of marketing and design strategy. Due to the fast pace changes of online interaction, consumers have become much more visual. They are looking for cohesive and consistent branding with an authentic and trustworthy mission. Design is the best way to show your authenticity to your consumers, which will lead them to interact with your business in a much more successful way.


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hf designs combines different marketing techniques with a focus on design strategy. Clients may collaborate with us on one service, varying services, or all services depending on how they wish to optimize their brand. We have the ability to partner with clients on one-off projects or full-time retainers. Some of the services we offer include web design and development, graphic design, eCommerce consulting, digital marketing, social media design, and user experience and interface design. We’d love to discuss the details of how you envision optimizing your brand. 



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