Hey friends! Obviously, I’ve posted a lot of info about my personal experience in the tech and design world as well as my past work with companies, as this is my portfolio site, but I’ve never given the rundown on my full resume. So that is what I wanted to do today.

For the last few years, I have been working different short term and long term contracting jobs as a remote designer. Although these roles have ranged in duties and skillsets, web design was the one common denominator. Keep in mind that my work as a contractor has been completely separate from my personal design business and client projects. Some client projects have flowed into contracting jobs due to the enormous size of a project or an ongoing professional relationship, but overall my freelancing business has been a side gig to my contracting work.

It is rare that I talk about my contracting work on here or in regard to my small business, but I believe it is important to cover since so many of the duties I do in the corporate world collide with the skillsets required in client projects. So stay tuned for a little information on how my professional life has ebbed and flowed over the last 5 years.

I wanted to start by including my updated resume. Although it has been a while since I was on the job hunt, I do try to keep it as updated as possible. Contracting can be ever-changing, so it is important to always be ready for change or transition. I’ve also found that it is important to keep my resume up to date, because the tech world advances so quickly and therefore so do my skillsets. In this field, you have to stay on top of new trends and technology and I am constantly learning new skillsets because of that.

My resume only includes my most important contracts (in order to reduce it to 1 page), but I have also worked with some other companies along the way as well.

My longest contract has been with Net Easy, Inc. I originally started with them as a marketing intern back in 2015. I slowly learned the ins and outs of CMS work and then got into the code/programming side of web design. That is when I realized I love the technical side of web design just as much as the actual design side. I worked with Net Easy as an intern for about 2 years when I was promoted to project manager and lead WordPress developer. Now I work with them continually on the side anytime they have a client that asks for WordPress specifically. Here are some pictures from projects I led with Net Easy.

While working for Net Easy, I also got a job contracting with Snooty Fox. This was my first official Senior Designer job where I built and ran their entire eCommerce storefront. In this role, I worked closely with the CEO of a software engineering company to develop one of the first Shopify to WooCommerce integrations. Through this software, we were able to implement their Shopify products right into their WordPress company website. This is where I earned my expert level credentials in eCommerce, WordPress, and Shopify. Here are some pictures from their eCommerce project.

After the project with Snooty Fox was finished, I moved on to another eCommerce storefront called The Native One. This storefront was solely developed on Shopify. I was able to design their Shopify site, as well as run the back end of their storefront. I also did some graphic design and digital marketing work for them as well. Here are some pictures from my work there.

After working with The Native One for some time, I entered into a long term contract with an ADHD tutoring company called Creating Positive Futures. I absolutely loved working with this company, because they had a marketing team that assisted in the design work and they were all absolutely delightful. We spent over 6 months designing and developing their very large website, as well as running SEO audits, implementation, and keyword purchasing. Here are some images from the design process.

Last, but not least, is the company I am currently working with right now. I started working for an international eCommerce company called Resident Home back in February of 2020. As they are a massive, corporate company, they have many teams of developers, designers, and marketing experts and I work on the web design team as a user experience designer. This is my first time working for a company this big for such a long duration. I have worked with corporate companies before, but only for short-term projects. I am really loving being able to be on a team of creatives like myself who all add an extra level of brilliance to each project. Unfortunately, I am not able to display my work with them on my personal portfolio, but I am able to show you the mockup design I did to get the job. So here is the design I created during the interview process.

So I hope this gives you all a little glimpse into my professional life outside of my small business. I look forward to adding more to my resume and seeing where the corporate world takes me in the future.