Meet Hayley

Hi, I’m Hayley, the designer behind hf designs. I originally got into the design & tech field back in 2015 when I was working as a marketing intern for a tech company. While interning, I realized that my true passion lies in design and development, which inspired me to create hf designs. Since then, I have combined my marketing and communication background with design and development to assist businesses with their digital online presence. I am now a certified WordPress, Shopify, and e-commerce expert, and am working full time for the fastest growing international e-commerce brand in the country. I’ve continued to run my design business because I am extremely passionate about helping brands grow and succeed. I hope we can get to know each other better, as well as have the opportunity to work together towards success.



hf designs was started in 2015 as a side-gig freelance design business but has grown to become much more. Since its start, I have taken on clients from all over the country and worked with developers from all over the world. I have built countless websites, designed apps, and software, and brought life to many local and international brands. I’ve also worked closely with different creatives to ensure that my clients receive the full extent of their design dreams.

My biggest focus is on the combination of marketing and design together. Due to the fast pace changes of online interaction, consumers have become much more visual. They are looking for cohesive and consistent branding with an authentic and trustworthy mission. Design is the best way to show your authenticity to your consumers, which will lead them to interact with your business in a much more successful way.